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What is The Blueprint?

Phase One | Foundation

  • Credit Rating Evaluation

  • 7+ Funding Options

  • Industry Analysis

  • Business Plan Development

Phase Two | Structure

  • Corporate Structure

  • Legal Documents

  • Web Presence

  • Marketing Strategy

Phase Three | Go To Market

  • Brand Management

  • Growth Strategy

  • Investor Relations*

  • Fund Raising*

The Blog

  • How to Qualify for a Mortgage

    You now know that you can buy a home with a 600 credit score.  So what else is need to qualify for a mortgage?  Surely its not just a credit score...  Right?  Correct, there's a bit more to it.   Let's start with that 600 FICO: Open and Active Accounts:  You must to have at least 1 open and active credit account reporting in your name for the last 12 months.   ...

    by Mr.Innovation
    Tuesday, 11 February 2014
  • Buying a House with a 600 Credit Score

    Most banks approve mortgages for borrowers with a 640 middle credit score or higher.  There is a smaller percentage that can approve a loan for someone with a 620-639 FICO score.  So you can image that there must be an EVEN SMALLER amount of banks that can get a mortgage for you if you have less than a 620.  What would you say if we could get you a mortgage with a 600 credit score? ...

    by Mr.Innovation
    Tuesday, 11 February 2014
  • Perfect Credit Secrets | Early Birds Get Points

    That's correct, "early birds" get points.  Finally, a really good reason to do something early.  Our parents were right after all!  Well at least about "being early pays off."  There is a direct correlation between paying your bills early, and your credit rating.  The main one being that the credit bureaus actually track this information.  Most people don't know this, ...

    by Mr.Innovation
    Tuesday, 11 February 2014
  • Perfect Credit Secrets | The 30% Rule

    Your credit score is one big mathematical equation that has been in development for decades.  What people overlook is that there is a solution to that equation.  The difficult part; no single person knows all of the answers to the credit myths out there.  Maybe I'll develop a blog series called Credit Mythbusters. (Probably not... It would take a lifetime! There is so much misinform ...

    by Mr.Innovation
    Tuesday, 11 February 2014
  • The Importance of Business Credit

    Most people are familiar with personal credit and how the credit market generally works.  There are 3 main credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Trans Union), and you get credit scores from them ranging from 450-850.  Depending on your score, you can then get loans from banks for various purposes.  The easiest type of loan is a credit card.  This should all sound pretty familiar. ...

    by Mr.Innovation
    Tuesday, 11 February 2014
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